Salt Cell Replacement, Clearwater(C200/270) Manual Clean*Generic

Salt Cell Replacement, Clearwater(C200/270) Manual Clean * Generic, (W193861-G)

Specifications: 7 plate, 166 mm/ 6-17/32 inches, 21 amps

Original Cell Model: W193981

  • Cells come with cap and O ring.
  • Cells are manufactured with solid plates. 
  • All mesh plate cells made on request. Solid plate design means it is easier to clean and maintain. Calcium will                                                      not get stuck in the mesh and is easily rinsed from sold plates. 
  • 6 year Limited Warranty (2 years full, 4 years pro-rated
  • Salt Water Chlorinator Replacement Cell 
Clearwater C-Series Generic Salt Cell
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  • Item #: 509-W193861-G
  • Manufacturer: Clearwater/ Zodiac
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: W193861-G
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Price $224.90
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