Salt Cell Replacement, 23 Amp (Quikchlor, Clevachlor, Poolpower)

Electrode (23 Amp) W/Adapter, Quikchlor/Poolpower/Clevachlor/ Aquapower-Plus * Generic

Specifications: 23 Amp, 13 Plate, 100mm/ 3.94 inches (plate size).   Cell is 9-3/8" without unions and 12-1/2" with unions. 

Original Cell Specs: 23 Amp, 13 Plate, 140mm/ 5.51 inches (plate size), Length 12-1/2"

Cross Reference: Will replace:  Poolpower RP23HD, Clevachlor (AP23RP), Quikchlor (AP23RP), Aquapower-Plus (RP23)

Note: This is a new style cell and will replace your cell without Replumbing. The Cell has an adapter on the end to matchup to

            your discharge side of cell.  This has always been a difficult situation on these chlorinators. It has the exact same banana plug ins also. 

  •  Union ends and nuts are included 
  •  Warranty on Residential (6 years, (2 yr full & 4 prorated)
  •  Warranty on Commerical pools (1 year full/ 5 years prorated)
  •  Easy to replace

New Warranty for 2016:

Residential Cells:  6 years Limited:, 2 year full, 4 years pro rated.. Years 3 to 6 are sold at 50% of manufactures MSRP.   Warranty covers manufactures defects only.   

* Commercial Cells  6 years Limited.  1 year full and the next 5 are pro rated at 2nd year (80% off Manufactures MSRP), 3rd year (60% off Manufactures MSRP),  4th Year (40% off Manufactures MSRP,  5th & 6th Years (20% off Manufactures MSRP)

  • Warranty does not cover Postage in or out of our facility. 
  • Running on low salt will void the warranty
  • We reserve the right to repair, replace or provide a refurbished cell within the full warranty period. 
Salt Cell Replacement, 23 Amp (Quikchlor, Clevachlor, Poolpower)
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  • Item #: 537-23AMP-PP-G
  • Manufacturer: Generic Product
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: RP23HD
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Price $481.00

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