Pentair Intellichlor (IC60) Replacement Salt Cell (521105)

Intellichlor Salt Cell Replacement (Model IC60) Up to 60,000 gallons  By Pentair (521105)

Specs: 37.46 grams of chlorine per hour, 1.98 lbs or chlorine running 24/7 per day. 22-39 vdc @ 6 amps

The generic cell is a better price and warranty. Used 304-521105-G (6 year warranty as opposed to a 1 year on original)

  • Cell only- No Power Center
  • Need power center to control Cell 
  • Original OEM Cell
  • Part Number: 521105

  • Produces up to 1.98 pounds of chlorine every 24 hrs
  • Treats up to 60,000 gallons of water (residential).
  • User Friendly Controls
  • All controls and displays are built into the cell
  • Easy-to-view displays enable fast checking of salt levels, cell cleanliness, sanitizer output and water flow.
  • Adjustment is as easy as pressing two buttons.
  • All performance data—production settings, hours of operation, chlorine output, cell cleaning cycles, salt readings and water                  temperature averages—is captured daily, making it easy to maintain perfect water.
  • Exclusive cell use tracking feature communicates remaining hours of cell life in real-time.
  • Integrated sensors in the generator cell ensure that water flow is adequate for safe chlorine generation under low water temperature conditions.
  • Automatic shut-off feature protects the unit and prolongs cell life.
  • One-year warranty. See warranty for complete details.
  • The power supply cell and electronics meet the requirements of the UL 1081 Standard—the industry standard for pool chlorine generators.
  • The power supply itself is UL Listed with flammability rating UL 94VO.

  • For Generic Use 304-521105-G
  • For Commercial Cell Use: 521151 for primary and 521005 for secondary
Pentair Intellichlor (IC60) Replacement Salt Cell (521105)
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  • Item #: 304-521105
  • Manufacturer: Pentair Aquatics Supplies,Inc
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 521105
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