No Mor Problems (Gal) Algae Control, United Chemicals (NMP-GAL)

No Mor Problems (Gal) Algae Control, United Chemicals (NMP-GAL)

The name says it all! No Mor Problems® allows your pool to stay clear and trouble free all season long, and lowers the need for maintenance. Learn why so many professionals use this legendary product.

Comes in Quarts or Gallons. Please specify when ordering.

  • No Mor Problems®
  • No more algae
  • No more shocking
  • No more brushing
  • No more clarifiers

What is No Mor Problems?
  • No Mor Problems is a patented formula that is registered as an E.P.A. algicide. It was engineered after 30 years of field experience. The           formula is proprietary.
  • No Mor Problems is a preventative algicide.
  • No Mor Problems delivers Spectacular Water clarity and sparkle, yet it is NOT a polymer.
  • No Mor Problems is NOT a shock, yet, you will no longer need to shock.
  • No Mor Problems will greatly reduce your need to clean your filter, yet it is NOT a filter aid. The water will be so clear that you will NOT          see floating debris in front of your pool light at night.
  • No Mor Problems can be used with all types of sanitizers. i.e. Biguanides, Ionization, Salt Systems. 
  • No Mor Problems can be used on all types of pools.

What benefits can I expect from using it?

  • Shocking
  • Brushing
  • Filter Cleaning Aids
  • Other Algicides
  • Plus you can cut 50% of your electrical consumption by reducing the required cycle time of the pump and filter

  • Spectacular Water Clarity and Sparkle
  • Less Work
  • Better Bather Comfort
  • Reduced Costs
  • Less Staining
  • A pool you can be proud of
  • No more algae 

No Shocking? You've got to be kidding!

We hear this all the time. You've been told you have to shock. No Mor Problems® has made shocking obsolete. We have customers that haven't shocked in years! Thousands of pool professionals are now using No Mor Problems® and not shocking their pools. Tens of thousands of pool owners report Spectacular Water Quality. Burning out organics is no longer necessary.

I have yellow/mustard now, what do I do?
  • Use Yellow Treat®! More pool owners and professionals use Yellow Treat® to clean up pools than any other product. Please do not           confuse us with Yellow Out®. We are NOT the same.

How safe is it for me, my family and pets?
  • No Mor Problems® when added to the pool is absolutely non-toxic. In fact, most of the ingredients in No Mor Problems® are used in drinking water. Even though pools are not considered potable water (drinking water) United Chemical Corporation treats your pool as though it is drinkable. The president of United Chemical, his son, and wife swim in a No Mor Problems® treated pool.

Is No Mor Problems® ok for my type pool?
  • No Mor Problems is ideal for ALL types of pool and spa surfaces.

What does No Mor Problems® do?
  • No Mor Problems® prevents cloudy water, gives you Spectacular Water Clarity and Sparkle, while making the time between having to        clean the filter three to four times longer. The other blue liquids don't even come close to No Mor Problems®. Please don't confuse          us with "a clarifier only" product. No Mor Problems® stops all forms of algae.

How does No Mor Problems® reduce staining?
  • No Mor Problems® reduces staining in several ways. United Chemical Corporation has received more than 100,000 calls for help with      stains in swimming pools.

MOST STAINING IS CAUSED BY: * Shocking * High Chlorine * Copper Treatments - No Mor Problems®eliminates all, "Prevention is the Secret."

How can a pool look so good without a chlorine residual?
  • Just as judging a person by age as to how he feels is not accurate, testing of pool water does not always tell you what's happening. No          Mor Problems® affects the test for chlorine initially and causes a lower reading than is actually occurring.
Do I still need chlorine?
  • YES, No Mor Problems® does not replace the sanitizer. Chlorine, Bromine, or another sanitizer must be used with No Mor                           Problems®.

Does No Mor Problems® affect my pool's balance?
  • No! But if you over-chlorinate your pool, you may affect your test kit results by bleaching and / or causing reactions with the test kit              reagents.

Is No Mor Problems® all I need?
  • No, while No Mor Problems® is called a miracle product, it is not a cure-all. No Mor Problems® does not require any particular water balance to work, your pool on the other hand does. You will still need water balancing chemicals. The main reason that you balance a pool is to control scale, corrosion and staining. United knows that you don't want to work on your pool. You want to enjoy your pool. Ask your dealer for a copy of the revolutionary Hamilton Index for easy preventative maintenance.

Should I use No Mor Problems® year-round?
  • Yes, unless you close your pool in winter. During the off season, you will need very little No Mor Problems® in your pool and you will save time and money on the spring clean up.

Is anything different using No Mor Problems?
  • Yes! Your pool will go through a clean up period that will last from 1 day to 3-4 weeks. During the clean-up period you may expect a loss of chlorine residual. Don't panic! Just chlorinate continuously, DON'T SHOCK! A chlorinator or feeder makes life easy and we recommend them. If heavy rain, bather load, or high temperature exist, just increase your feed rate until the residual comes back. Remember to keep adding No Mor Problems® as per bottle instructions. You will see a visual improvement in water sparkle as proof of No Mor Problems® effectiveness once the stabilization process is complete.

Is DPD (Pink Test) the best test for chlorine?
  • No! Our extensive field experience has shown that the OTO (yellow test) is a better choice. Let each test stand for 5 minutes before reading and don't worry about combined or free chlorine. No Mor Problems®makes depending on the DPD (pink) test obsolete.

Please! Share your good fortune with your neighbors and friends!
No Mor Problems® is experiencing rapid growth in sales. Most of our efforts are spent in making high performance products. We are proud that our happy customers are our main sales force. THANK YOU!
No Mor Problems (Gal) Algae Control, United Chemicals (NMP-GAL)
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