Banana Plug (1 only) Gold plated (1/8") w/ Heat shrink

Banana Plug Replacement (1 only)  Gold plated- 1/8" with Heat shrink  tubing.

Cross Reference: Aquapower-Plus, Poolpower, Clevachlor, Quikchlor, Polaris Autoclear and others

Replaces damaged banana plugs - Very easy to replace

* Also Sold in Pairs: Order 500-BP018-2
* Comes with Heat shrink tubing
* Very easy to install these.  Everything is inlcuded.

Instructions:  Cut off your old banana plugs. Strip approx 1/4' off wire. Slide heat shrink tubing over wire.  Install new banana plug and make sure set screw(s) are tight. Slide heat shrink tubing over plug.  Take a lighter, hair dryer or heat gun and heat heat shrink till in conforms tightly to the banana plug.  You are done.

For the flow sensor wire order: 500-FSensor

Banana Plug (1 only) Gold plated (1/8") w/ Heat shrink
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  • Item #: 500-BP018-1
  • Manufacturer: Saltman Enterprises
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 500-BP018-1
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